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Attracting and retaining employees has become more difficult in 2022 and we can help your business with this.  We can design group life, disability, and long-term care policies for you and your employees that will make your business stand out from your competition.  Since these plans are considered "cafeteria plans", the premiums are fully deductible for tax purposes to you, the employer.


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Whether you have 2 employees or 200, we can design a group life plan that will insure your employees for either a stated benefit or a percentage of the employees salary.  The business would be the policy owner and payor of the policy with the employee being the insured.  Since the premiums are tax-deductible to you, the employer, these plans are beneficial to you.  The employee gets to name the beneficiaries of the policy making it attractive to them as well - free insurance!


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Just like group life, group disability would then be a policy that is designed for your employees lost income should they not be able to work due to an accident or illness.  Disability will replace a percentage of the employees income for a specified period of time that we would design for the group.  Even if the accident or illness occurred on the job and workers comp is also responding, the disability benefits would be coordinated with that reimbursement.


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We all know someone that has fallen ill and has had to be hospitalized with a life-threatening illness such as alzheimer's.  The anxiety that a caregiver feels is almost overwhelming in this situation.  You can help your employees family by providing the employee with group long-term care insurance.  Any benefit that the employees family would receive during this time would mean everything.  These benefits would not only attract any potential candidate but also help to retain them with such a robust benefit if they were ever to be courted away from you.

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