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2023 Open Enrollment


With our excellent service and products, Ron Black Agency/The Laskey Group is often in the news. Read on to see the latest updates about us and the insurance world in general. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to always stay ahead of our latest happenings.

Father & Son

Group Health

Employees are looking more closely to their employers for help in educating and protecting their families with group benefits.  Offering your employees a robust plan of options will provide your employees with the financial security they are looking for in today's economic environment.

Our programs provide the needed benefits at different price points for your employees.  Pick and choose up to 4 different plans that offer varying coverage for doctor and specialist visits, hospital coverage and the prescription deductibles and co-pays.  

Medicare Supplements

Your initial open enrollment (IOP) period for any Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan begins 3 months prior to turning Age 65 till 3 months after turning age 65.  There is also a special open enrollment period (SEP) available for certain situations like leaving group coverage from either your or your spouse's group plan.

Insurance Agent

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2023 Open Enrollment: Information
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